There are numerous reasons why Nevis is chosen by investors worldwide as a jurisdiction for registering corporations. Along with Nevis’ sophisticated infrastructure, stable political system, attractive incentives for investors and economic success have been some of the most important factors which contributed to the registration of Nevis corporations for offshore purposes.

Nevis offshore corporation registration is facilitated by persons or companies to whom licenses are issued for providing offshore Nevis corporation registration services. Anyone who is not authorized to register corporations in Nevis is unable to operate as a registered agent for Nevis offshore corporations.

The procedure for Nevis corporation registration is standard and follows a step by step process which is not complicated. First, before registering a Nevis company, contact must be established with a registered agent in Nevis. Registered agents are important for giving company registration advice and facilitating the entire offshore company registration process.

A registered agent will contact the registrar on behalf of its customers and find out whether or not a proposed name for a Nevis offshore company is acceptable according to the corporations law and is available for use. In the event that a customer is not prepared to go ahead with company incorporation immediately an application can be made to the registrar through the agent to reserve the name.

Offshore company registration in Nevis cannot be accomplished without the preparation of essential documents like the memorandum and articles which contain vital information about the structure, laws and by-laws, authorized share capital and purpose of the company. These documents are to be submitted to the Registrar of Companies and will be assigned a registration number along with the signature and seal of the Registrar. Designating a registration number to the company signifies that a new Nevis offshore company has been duly registered and formed. Evidence of the legal existence of a Nevis corporation is shown on the Certificate of Incorporation which serves as prima facie and is issued stating the Nevis company’s name, number and date of incorporation.

When registering a Nevis offshore company, shares to be issued can be in the form of labor or services, money and tangible or intangible property, or a combination of money, services and property. A share must not be issued at a value lower than its par value. A Nevis offshore company may represent the shares owned by its members by issuing share certificates which are to be signed either by the managing director and secretary, or the president and vice president of the Nevis company, or a combination of any of these persons as decided by the members.

Offshore accounts tend to give rise to quite a bit of debate, but cannot be denied their practical use for international businessmen, people based abroad because of work and people who have moved away from their home country to retire or settle in a foreign country. For more privacy and to be able to conduct bank transactions with discretion there are many people who prefer to use the name of a company instead of theirs. In this way, bank transactions can be made through the Nevis offshore company. Incorporating a Nevis offshore company facilitates investors, overseas workers and expatriates alike with account transfers and transactions through an offshore banking account which can be easily opened for a Nevis offshore company.

An offshore account for a Nevis offshore company creates the possibility of owning multicurrency accounts which help reduce the risk of losing money through currency exchange and fluctuating exchange rates and fees. If professionals wish to use vouchers and do business using the name of a company instead of theirs so as to give a sense of professionalism and organisation, registering a Nevis offshore company as a professional comes in very handy.

There are many other possibilities available once a Nevis offshore corporation has been incorporated. One of these include targeting new and emerging markets in the EU if the beneficial owner is European and would like to extend his services to other countries within the EU region, or, as an American gain more access to the Caribbean and Latin America. At the same time, Americans and European citizens and companies that incorporate offshore companies in Nevis can also explore outside their respective regions of domicile.

With the ongoing global recession there is sufficient reason to want to save one’s investments and to avoid operating at a loss in order to stay afloat and maintain decent profits for as long as this is possible. One way in which a Nevis company helps to achieve this is through its tax free status whereby capital gains, dividends and income are not taxed in Nevis. The returns on an investment can be safely and legally channeled through the Nevis offshore company and reserved in an offshore account where interest can be earned over a period of years in a tax exempt environment. Most countries, however, place a maximum amount of cash a regular or offshore company can have outside the usual country of residence. In the US the maximum that can be held in an offshore company is USD 10,000, which means that any offshore bank investment exceeding that amount must be reported to the IRS, while in Europe personal offshore accounts belonging to any European are subject to the Savings Tax Directive which came into effect in 1995.

Finally, Nevis offshore companies provide a level of flexibility that is not commonly found in offshore companies registered elsewhere. A high grade of adaptability was achieved for the Nevis offshore company through the Nevis multiform foundation which can be established as an offshore company or a Nevis offshore trust and reverted to a foundation.