With an economy that has expanded tremendously over the past decade, Nevis offers a number of offshore investment options that serve as an engine of growth both for the country at the national level and the private investor.

Offshore investment options in Nevis improved and became more varied as the jurisdiction developed the services, improved its offshore legal framework and designed training programs for persons employed in the financial services sector.

Offshore entities that can be incorporated or established in Nevis make possible a variety of offshore investment options depending on the business interests of an investor. In the sense of a Nevis offshore entity, investing is not restricted to the businessman and in no way implicates only the informed investor. Nevis offshore trusts and foundations are suitable for individuals and families that are preoccupied about protecting their wealth and are capable of affording the services of a legal advisor who is capable of proposing ways and means to plan succession and preserve a family’s wealth.

Not all families that are interested in setting up offshore foundations and trusts are concerned with lowering their tax burden. In many cases, people, especially high net worth individuals, are preoccupied with programs and plans that are secure and can produce reliable results over the long-term in order to avoid controversy, preserve family wealth and secure a safe mechanism for transition of estate from one generation to the other.

In these cases, one of the main reasons for looking offshore for a solution is lack of confidence in the revenue authority of the country of domicile and the overall feeling of the absence of privacy. The almost ‘desperate’ demand for increased and uncompromised privacy gets worse as technology advances and the ability to perform electronic transactions and exchange information internationally augments the potential of abuse of information not only because of fraudulent activities by individuals in the society but by government and private organisations. The threat of loss of privacy and abuse is a real one to any individual who believes he has an investment that is threatened and could be lost no matter how small it is.

Though viewed suspiciously by many organisations and different authorities, confidentiality is critical for investment since just the mere thought of losing an investment or being exposed through the media because of a leak of information is sufficient reason to not invest a single dime. Building and earning investor confidentiality is thus important to offshore tax havens.

Nevis offshore banking opens the door to obtaining sound investment advice and opportunities. The experienced and trained team of professionals in Nevis’ offshore banking sector guides investors to choosing an ideal personal or corporate savings plan. Whilst basic offshore banking services are available, investment opportunities in certificates of deposits, offshore mutual funds and equities are presented for long-term investments, along with supplementary services like financial, trust, estate and pension planning. These offshore investment options in Nevis are available for all offshore entities incorporated in Nevis (LLCs, IBCs, trusts and foundations). Funds can be easily accessed through internet banking and customer services can be contacted for information and financial advice.

Nevis real estate comprises a significant portion of the offshore sector. The island’s small population and vast amounts of secluded beach front properties provide numerous offshore investment opportunities in villas, hotels, restaurants and family vacation homes. Nevis offshore investment in real estate attracts national far and wide because of Nevis’ relatively low crime rate, friendly business climate and political stability.

The option to acquire Nevis citizenship through the St. Kitts and Nevis citizenship by investment program also exists. This is one of the ways that the administration of the twin island Federation has been able to generate revenue for capital investment while bringing in a certain class of new residents who are able to stimulate economic activity by creating employment and developing infrastructure.

Citizenship by Investment as a Nevis offshore investment option is controlled and conducted by fixed rules. This form of offshore investment has come under heavy criticism but continues to be the refuge of families that are under the constant threat of war and political unrest. Providing a second citizenship for one’s children is equivalent to giving them a second home if their safety and livelihood were to be endangered by any calamity or strife.
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